Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Frog SUV?

Stupid Useless Vehicle.

So after receiving an email from Jay at Local Motors (an ambitious new car company) regarding his hope that I will regurgitate my Frog into an SUV for their current competition, I've sidetracked from my recent lethargic state and given it some thought. Two weeks worth, actually- and 3 days for the crap model. Being lazy- and by lazy I mean "professionally efficient"- I went from two dirty sketches right into alias- no flashy/ colorful/ warm-cool/ art center-style renderings here. Eff that- no time for that crap...

I have to apologize for my lack of proficiency in AliasStudio- the model is admittedly crap in terms of surface quality.

Speaking of Local Motors.. Pretty interesting concept, actually- "bring democracy to car design." Though by aiming for design democracy, I feel they're not actually advancing design, but rather stagnating it a bit by giving power to the people. I am excited by their enthusiasm, though. All correspondence has been extremely friendly and enthusiastic. I wish them luck...


ps. vote for mine please.

The Fix Daily

My ongoing love-hate relationship with the twin turbo 13B rotary. How genius is Tom? (matano)

A quick Sunday jaunt through Paradise Road loop in Tiburon.

Fairfax-Bolinas Drive!

Time to dust off the Z and explore unknown twisties.

Thanks to google, I was able to find this excluded road not far from my parent's house. Though it was the twistiest piece of road I could find on google, it proved to be less challenging than the map otherwise suggested. Oh well. At least the elevation changes made it worthwhile, though it was bumpier than I would have liked. Not a great coilover road, but excellent for it's scenic views.